The finest products are forged under the trained eye and experienced hands of a master craftsman.

When given the finest materials, the masters create art that drive the standards of cultural expression.

Jewelry & Watch Company places you firmly at the intersection of the finest materials and the finest craftsman within hundreds of miles in any direction.

Built on the values of family and a passion for creating the finest jewelry, we promise each and every one of our customers that when we create a custom piece of jewelry for you, it will be unique to your needs and personality.

The sparkle of each engagement ring will match the sparkle you describe in her eyes.

Each birthstone necklace will be as unique and as valuable as the children they are handcrafted to represent.

Every pair of earrings set to adorn her special occasion can be as subtle and stunning as her classic, understated beauty.

You don’t find the perfect piece of jewelry sitting on a shelf because it resides only in the heart. At Jewelry & Watch Company, our mission is to find a way to manifest that sentiment, and we take pride in being the most capable hands at giving physical expression to your deepest emotion.

Everything is done in house. You trust your heart to us, and we wouldn’t dare trust anyone else.


Joe DiCarlo has operated Jewelry & Watch Company since 1984, creating custom jewelry and providing repairs to jewelry and timepieces while continuing to invest in the latest technology in the industry. In addition to Mr. DiCarlo’s experience, he boasts the following qualifications:

  • Jewelers of America, Inc. Certified Master Bench Jeweler
  • First JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler in the state of West Virginia
  • Bulova School of Watchmaking Certified Watchmaker

Carol DiCarlo has designed custom jewelry since she was 18 years old, purchasing fine gemstones and drafting custom designs for customers. Carol oversees design and the purchasing of materials. She is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and specializes in the following areas:

  • Diamonds and diamond grading
  • Counter Sketching
  • Window Design

Joseph DiCarlo has been apprenticing since he was five years old. He engages primarily in the production of custom jewelry, jewelry repairs, and watch repairs. Joseph is adept with all of the latesst technology and equipment and has experience in all of the company’s operations, procedures, and activities.

  • Jewelers of America, Inc. Certified Bench Jeweler
  • B.A. Business and Marketing
    (West Liberty University)