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Since the beginning of time, the way we choose to adorn ourselves speaks to the deepest fabric of who we are.

At Jewelry and Watch Company, we take pride in being counted among a very select number of stores in the country that can offer our clients a truly customized experience.

From the moment you have an idea for a piece of jewelry, our designers and craftsmen, including Joe DiCarlo, a Certified Master Jeweler, work alongside you, hand-in-hand, to walk you through the process that makes your idea a sparkling, eye catching reality.

The best part: every step of the process is done in-house so you know that it’s safe and in good hands.

Jewelry Sales and Repairs

For the event and moments in life that don’t require a custom piece of jewelry, Jewelry and Watch Company offers a hand-picked selection of some of the finest jewelry you’ll find in Wheeling and the greater Ohio Valley. 

We carry only the highest quality stones and the most precious metals in our store, so you can be sure that when you shop with us, you are purchasing the best your money can buy. 

And for those times when your favorite jewelry needs a little TLC, Jewelry and Watch Company offers a full line of repair services that ensure that when you leave your precious pieces with us, they stay with us  no need to send them off to some unknown warehouse facility or to a nameless technician in an unknown area code. The hands that you place your jewelry into are the same that will skillfully and carefully repair it before handing it back to you.

What We Do

Watch Sales and Repairs

What We Do

Quality watches are a sign of status and professionalism. Nothing says you have your act together and are someone to be taken seriously like a time piece that is both precise and eye-catching. 

We pass pocket watches across generations. 

We give watches as retirement gifts.

Quality time pieces serve as a symbol of our achievement and readiness to take on the world, and there is no better place to find that perfect watch than Jewelry and Watch Company. Not only can we help you find the perfect watch for your style and functional needs, but we can also repair those heirlooms and long-held favorites that may not be performing up to their pervious standards of excellence.

In any case, Jewelry and Watch Company houses a Certified Watch Maker, so you know your piece will be in good hands and delivered on time.

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